Competition Rules

1. Financial Member. Assessment of images is open to financial members only.
2. Original Work Entries must be the original work of the club member and may be in the form of monochrome or colour prints or digital images. Copies of other people’s works will not be eligible
3. Digital manipulation Images that have been digitally altered are acceptable for the Club Competition but all the material used must be from photographs taken by the member.
4. Re-entry of images No image that has obtained an award in ordinary monthly competitions may be entered again in monthly competitions but may be entered in annual competitions. However, any image may be re-entered in accordance with suggestions of the judge or where in the opinion of the exhibitor such reprinting or remounting  and digital adjustment presents a much improved or different exhibit, provided that a period of six months shall have elapsed between the original showing and re-submission.
5. Ownership and use of Images The author will retain ownership of all images submitted to the club. Permission will be sought to use any images in advertising or interclub events.  Entry into the competition automatically grants the club permission to display low-resolution copies of the work in this website.
6. Maximum number
of entries
2 images per month whether it be a mixture of one digital and one print, or two digitals, or two prints.  YOU CAN HAVE A COMBINATION OF ONE SET AND ONE OPEN IMAGE OR TWO SET.  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HAVE TWO OPEN FROM JANUARY 2017.  ALSO IMAGES NEED TO BE NO OLDER THAN TWO YEARS OLD.


7. Entry via website If you intend to enter prints, you must register them via the web site in the same way as digital images are registered by midnight on the Sunday preceding the assessment evening. 

All prints will be given a number (it will be sent to you via email) which is to be written on the back of the print along with your name, title and grade.

You are also required to submit a Digital Image of your print for pre-assessment from our assessor.  Please see Digital Images below for instructions on how to do this.
8. Print Size May be of any size up to 507mm (20in) by 405mm (16in) including mount and mat. Prints need to be mounted at least sufficiently to self support being stood vertically.
9. Frame Prints may be framed but without glass
10. Mount Mount on backing board made of cardboard or 3mm foam core. The surrounding matt improves the presentation
11. Printing Prints may be trade or home printed
12. Labelling The back of the print must be clearly labelled with the member’s name and grade, whether open or set subject, the title if any and the Print Registration Number which will be communicated by email before club night.


13. File type Images must be saved in jpeg format (.jpg)
Image size for digital entries

Landscape format
Images should be sized to a maximum dimension of 3840 horizontal pixels by 2160 vertical pixels.  Please note:  Smaller pixel sizes potentially may not be upsampled, but displayed as presented.  Jpeg files of this maximum size may be safely saved at maximum quality.

Portrait format
Images should be a maximum dimension of 2160 vertical pixels.


No entry by email

Entries must be uploaded via the web site by midnight on the Sunday preceding the assessment evening.
Failure to comply with the above may result in images not being accepted.
16, Entry via website Entries made via this web site are automatically formatted correctly, and the web site will take care of any downsizing necessary,  Images will not be upsized.



The images are assessed by the judge and awards are made as shown.

Progression from grade to grade is by the achievement of honours plus points

Image of the Night 10 points. An extra point is awarded for Set Subject images
Honours 8 points. An extra point is awarded for Set Subject images
Highly Commended 6 points. An extra point is awarded for Set Subject images
Merit 4 points. An extra point is awarded for Set Subject images
Acceptance 2 points. An extra point is awarded for Set Subject images
Pass 0 points. An image 'passed in' may be submitted for judging again
    Miscellaneous Rules
    Images are assessed in groups according to grade - all grade C, all grade B, all grade A, and all Salon grade will be assessed together.
18. Upgrading of members

Members will be automatically upgraded when they qualify for the next grade.

Grade C Bronze requires 30 points at C grade
Grade C Silver requires 60 points at C grade
Grade C Gold requires 90 points at C grade

Grade B requires 90 points plus 5 honours at C grade
Grade B Bronze requires 30 points at B grade
Grade B Silver requires 60 points at B grade
Grade B Gold requires 90 points at B grade

Grade A requires 90 points plus 8 honours at B grade, of which 2 must be for prints
Grade S Bronze requires 132 points and 12 honours at A grade, of which at least 6 must be for prints
Grade S Silver requires 220 points at S Bronze, plus 20 honours, of which at least 10 must be for prints
Grade S Gold requires 330 points at S Silver, plus 30 honours, of which at least 15 must be for prints

19. Discretionary Grading New members must submit their work in C Grade. However, to enter a higher grade they can submit a portfolio of 12 images to the committee for consideration, or if the committee has sufficient evidence to support a move to a higher grade the member will submit their work at the grade deemed by the committee.  A person who rejoins the NSPS and whose membership has lapsed for over one year, will be considered to be a new member.
20. Final Authority In all matters, pertaining to the Club’s competitions, the Committee of  the North Shore Photographic Society will be the final authority