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New Brighton Photographic Club Competition

Nelson National Triptych 2018
2018 North Shore Photographic Society Results for the Salon

North Shore Photographic Society members with results of acceptance or better in the 2018 Salon.

Jim Air 2 Acceptances
Tauranga A/V Competiton closes soon!!!

Hi Folks,

The Tauranga A/V competition will be closing in about a couple of weeks so get your entries in ASAP!

For more information on how to enter and what to expect, follow this link here

or visit


Korean Photographic Society Would Like to Invite you to...

AGM Minutes are now on the Website

Please click here to go to the AGM Minutes.


Hi Folks,

IMPORTANT:  The AGM is starting at 7PM and not 7:30PM.  This is so we can start the judging as close to normal time as possible.


Thank you.

Changes to the Grading System

After much discussion, the committee has decided to make some changes to the grading and promotion system for the coming year.

We will be adding a new grade beyond the current A grade, and making it harder (or rather, making it take longer) to progress through the grades.  The new grade will be called the "Salon" grade ("S" for short).  Members whose grade is currently A Bronze or above will be judged at the Salon grade.

Nelson National Triptych Salon 2018
    Nelson National Triptych Salon 2018
Points Scored for 2017

As the club is moving to a "points-plus-honours" system for deciding photogropher grades, we have re-calculated the points scored by members at their current grade.  The results can be seen in this printout.